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What to do when you're not making connections at networking events – Greater Baton Rouge Business Report

[ad_1] Learning how to network effectively can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to advancing your career. But if you’re approaching networking events with the wrong expectations—or if the thought of approaching strangers intimidates you—you likely are not building relationships that will lead to future business success. If you’re leaving …

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The Ultimate Secrets of Rock Star Networking – Observer

[ad_1] To maximize your network potential, proactively put yourself in a position where you will have an opportunity to diversify your network. Pexels This piece originally appeared on Quora: What are some tips for maximizing network potential and building new relationships? The networks of relationships we form in the regular …

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Networking: It's Not About The Networking Events – Forbes

[ad_1] Networking: It’s Not About The Networking EventsForbesNetworking isn’t all about you. It’s about relating to your contact in a meaningful way. Knowing and/or learning something about them is critical to making a connection. When you find something in common, spend a good deal of time listening … [ad_2] Source …

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