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Sega countdown timer hints at Bayonetta on PC – Metro


Sega countdown timer hints at Bayonetta on PC
Bayonetta – the witch is back

It looks like the PC may be getting its first taste of Bayonetta, with what is likely to be a port of the first game.

We can’t tell you how happy we were that April Fool’s Day fell on a Saturday, enabling us to escape the least funny day on the Internet for a whole extra year.

But there was one prank worthy of note, in that Sega put up something called 8-Bit Bayonetta on Steam.

It’s a little 2D shooter that’s free to download, and which has already seen before as a Web game. But it’s the secrets it hides in its achievements which are of the real interest.

Fans discovered they contain clues pointing towards this countdown site, which is due to end next Tuesday.

But before anyone gets too excited the countdown is almost certainly for a PC version of the first Bayonetta – not Bayonetta 3 or anything brand new. Especially as you can just make out a bit of old artwork if you turn the brightness up.

Bayonetta 2 was a Wii U exclusive, and since it contains a number of in-game references to Nintendo characters and games will probably always stay that way. But to promote the sequel a remaster of the first game was also produced for the Wii U, and that’s presumably what the PC version will be based on.

Whether there will ever be a brand new Bayonetta is impossible to guess, as most people would’ve betted on there not being a second game – let alone a third.

All things are possible though, especially with E3 coming up…

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