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Vici Gaming tears Game Talents apart in a bloody sweep – ESPN


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Two gladiators took over the Rift on Sunday as Vici Gaming took out Game Talents in a bloody and entertaining 2-0 sweep during Week 8, Day 4 of the League of Legends Pro League in Shanghai.

Action aplenty took over the early game in Game 1, starting with a bang from VG jungler Bae “Bengi” Seong-woong’s Graves when he picked up first blood in the mid lane just three minutes in. Vici Gaming (4-8, 11-18 match record) couldn’t run away with the game, however, as GT’s rock in the top lane, Kim “Gimgoon” Han-saem, picked up two solo kills before seven minutes. The mid game was chaotic and bloody, as both teams were ready to fight at the drop of a ward, but Vici started to pull ahead after taking a 3-for-2 teamfight around the Baron. Vici surged ahead on the back of Lee “Easyhoon” Ji-hoon’s Syndra dealing a game-high 28,200 damage while picking up a 6/2/9 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) for just under 80 percent kill participation. A 34-minute Baron led to a 37-minute 5-for-0 ace, featuring a Bengi triple kill, and Game 1 win for Vici.

Game Talents (4-9, 11-20 match record) was bloodthirsty heading into Game 2 as jungler Liang “Xiaoyu” Jian’s Graves found Bengi’s Lee Sin in the jungle at four minutes for first blood, followed by Gimgoon’s Kled continuing to pick on VG top laner Zhu “Loong” Xiao-Long with another solo kill on Loong’s Shen around five minutes. GT crushed the early game, giving Gimgoon a Rift Herald buff and dominating VG in the tower game, holding a 5-to-0 lead at 22 minutes. While Game Talents held a roughly 6,000-gold lead, VG stayed close behind, taking a 5-for-2 ace and Infernal Drake at 25 minutes. After a 3-for-0 fight and Baron kill for GT at 32 minutes, GT looked to end the game but Easyhoon’s Vladimir came alive, dealing massive damage and leading VG late in the game. Picking up a 3-for-0 fight and Elder Dragon at the 37-minute mark and sneaking a Baron at 42 minutes, Vici Gaming surged late on the back of Easyhoon’s game-high 66,800 damage. Gimgoon was a hero in late game fights, but he couldn’t stop Easyhoon from picking up a 11/4/7 KDA and a 49-minute win for Vici.

Vici Gaming looks to carry its momentum over into Week 9, starting with a match against QG Reapers on Thursday at 5 a.m ET, followed by Game Talents taking on Group B leaders Team WE at 8 a.m ET.

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